The part Promotional Video plays in recording the testimony, is to provide a product in which the witness can be clearly seen without distraction. This includes a neutral background and a camera capable of low light recording so the witness doesn't have lights shining in their eyes. The audio is acquired by utilizing Sure 385 "hard wired" cardioid lavaliere microphones for the witness along with deposing and opposing counsel. Two additional lavaliere microphones and a shotgun microphone are also available if needed at no charge.

We have one chance to capture the witness. Constant monitoring of audio through headsets and video through the camera and waveform monitor on the laptop ensure I have a clean signal. Mastering the recording in two places  directly to a computer hard drive and P2 media in camera minimize the chance of equipment failure. 

Depositions are not an artistic event and there is no movement of the camera unless directed by the hiring counsel or if the witness moves out of the shot. The body movements and mannerisms show the jurors the credability and confidence level of the witness that can not be conveyed  through the reading of a transcript.

We arrive an hour prior to the deposition to set up gear. All cables are out of sight, the neutral background is up, the 5 channel audio mixer and recording equipment is in place so the deposition can start on at the scheduled time.

Promotional Video's goal is to have the witness forget they are being videotaped, which means the witness is relaxed and comfortable with no high wattage lights in their eyes, no waiting for the videographer to set up, 

Promotional Video can also provide "Video-to-transcript sync" for any of the trial software available. Because we are a full service production company we also offer video editing.

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